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SDNN November Newsletter

November 2023
In this issue:
Last Call for Survey Responses!
Planned Giving and Endowment Building Seminar November 9
SD Day of Giving
Social Media Hints and Tips
Member Spotlight: Helpline Center
Membership Benefit Highlight: National Council of Nonprofits
Upcoming Events
Last Call for Survey Responses!
Survey deadline: October 31, 2023.
Salary/benefits survey:
Thanks to all of you who have submitted your responses for SDNN’s salary and benefits survey!
If you have not yet taken time to fill out the survey, please consider doing so before tomorrow’s deadline. For smaller nonprofits, we estimate it will take about 15 minutes or less; longer for larger nonprofits.  Not all questions apply to all nonprofits, so don’t be alarmed by the number of questions!
The survey is an important tool for 501(c)(3) nonprofits to better understand average wages and benefits for the nonprofit sector in our state. We will not disclose individual or organization specific data, and we will not report data for categories that include fewer than three respondents. Your email address and information will not be associated with the rest of your responses to this survey.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact
Planned Giving and Endowment Building Seminar November 9
Thanks to support from SDNN and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, South Dakota Chapter, in partnership with the SD Community Foundation and the Sioux Falls Estate Planning Council, this event is FREE to attend.
Date:   November 9, 2023
Time:  9:30 – 11:00 am
Location:  University Welcome Center (formerly Sioux Falls Seminary / 2100 S Summit Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105)
This highly interactive session will not focus on the reason to have an endowment, but instead on the design and implementation of a plan to grow your endowment. Learn about the best practices of board engagement, prospecting, marketing cultivating donors, having the conversation, gift documentation, and recognition. The session will be very practical and will offer specific how-to suggestions that attendees can follow – almost like an endowment-building recipe!
Speaker:  Bryan K. Clontz, PhD, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®, AEP®, RICP®, CBP, ChSNC® / founder and president of Charitable Solutions, LLC, specializing in non-cash asset receipt and liquidation, gift annuity reinsurance brokerage, actuarial gift annuity risk management consulting, emergency assistance funds, as well as virtual currency and life insurance appraisals/audits. He also serves as Senior Partner of Ekstrom Alley Clontz & Associates – a community foundation consulting firm in Tucson, AZ.
Due to space, registration is limited to the first 100 registrations.
RSVP here:
Any questions, contact Jeff Veltkamp at or 605-222-3863.

SD Day of Giving
The 2023 South Dakota Day of Giving is on Giving Tuesday, NOV 28, 2023.
Each year about 400 of the nonprofit organizations in South Dakota choose to participate in South Dakota’s premier Day of Giving and typically 1) raise over $1M dollars and 2) raise a lot of awareness for our nonprofit sector, too.
To find out how your nonprofit can take part, please check out their website:
Here you will find a toolkit full of resources to support your planning for #GivingTuesday.
Social Media Hints and Tips
During the October SDNN Marketing and Communications Roundtable, we were privileged to have Milana Semmler and Brooke Fitts from Jodder online to help navigate some of the questions that seem to consistently come up regarding effective use of Social Media resources for nonprofits.
Some suggestions:
  1. Facebook and Instagram nonprofit resources:
    1. Take Facebook Blueprint Free Online Training courses, especially Nonprofit Marketing
    2. Follow Nonprofits on Facebook to stay on top of upcoming tools and training
  2. YouTube nonprofit resources: Enroll in YouTube Creator Academy courses, especially: Activate Your Nonprofit on YouTube
  3. Twitter nonprofit resources:
    1. Twitter’s Flight School
    2. Read the Campaigning on Twitter Handbook
  4. LinkedIn nonprofit resources:
    1. Take Learning LinkedIn’s Get Started with LinkedIn course
    2. Talk with a LinkedIn nonprofit consultant
    3. Watch LinkedIn’s nonprofit webinars
  5. Snapchat nonprofit resources:
    1. Read Creative Best Practices for Advertising on Snapchat
  6. TikTok nonprofit resources:
    1. Inquire about TikTok For Good account management and analytics assistance.
  7. Last, but not least, take a look at Meet their dog mascot and have some fun exploring how Jodder helps create consistent content and strategy and executes for you!
    1. Check out their Blog 

Member Spotlight: Helpline Center
 More than 100,000 people each year are receiving help from the Helpline Center, through their work to connect individuals to resources and support to provide hope to those affected in some way by suicide.
The center began serving South Dakota in 1974 with an all-volunteer effort. Today, the Helpline Center is available to offer support 24 hours a day in four core service areas:
211 Helpline
988 Lifeline
Volunteer Connections
Suicide Grief Support
In 2001, the Helpline Center became the first location west of the Mississippi River to offer 211 service. And, it is the only entity in the state accredited by the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems and the only organization in the state that provides a certified crisis line through the American Association of Suicidology.
The Center recently hosted “An Evening with Emma” at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls. Emma Benoit shared her story about surviving a suicide attempt in 2017, the summer before her senior year in high school. At the time, she was a popular varsity cheerleader with a supportive family and lots of friends, but on the inside, she was filled with depression and anxiety, and had never told a soul about it. Her attempt resulted in a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed but helped her find faith and purpose; and propelled her on a mission to use her painful experience and miraculous recovery to help others.
Janet Kittams, CEO for the Helpline Center and SDNN Board member, notes, “Membership in SDNN is important for the Helpline Center for a variety of reasons.  The connections and educational opportunities have offered amazing opportunities for my staff to learn about the latest trends in marketing, HR and fundraising.”
She adds, “They have been able to connect with other nonprofit counterparts across the state, which has made our organization stronger and the entire nonprofit system in the state stronger.”
To learn more about the Helpline Center, please check out their website at  
 Member Benefit Highlight: National Council of Nonprofits
Thanks to SDNN’s affiliation with the National Council of Nonprofits, our members have a network of champions across the nation to help us stay up to date on trends and policy issues, and to find resources to help nonprofits of all sizes meet their mission.
The National Council of Nonprofits is the only national group that actively monitors what is happening in Washington, D.C. and in state capitals across the country, to help identify policy developments, share information, and craft solutions for the nonprofit sector.
In a recent policy roundtable, one of the topics discussed was the “Volunteer Driver Tax Appreciation Act of 2023.” For charitable nonprofits relying on volunteers to deliver services in their communities, there is a disparity in the tax treatment of reimbursements for mileage. In 1997, Congress established a volunteer, or charitable, mileage rate of 14 cents per mile. Volunteers who perform work on behalf of nonprofits may deduct 14 cents/mile if they claim itemized deductions on their income tax returns. However, if a nonprofit reimburses a volunteer driver at any rate higher than 14 cents/mile (for example, the standard business rate is currently 65.5 cents/mile), any reimbursement in excess of 14 cents/mile is counted as “income” and is subject to federal taxes. 
The Volunteer Driver Tax Appreciation Act of 2023 (H.R. 3032/S. 3020) would increase the Charitable Mileage Rate to the standard business rate for nonprofit volunteer drivers delivering people or products on behalf of nonprofits, effectively eliminating the taxation of mileage reimbursements above 14 cents/mile. Nonprofits would not be required under the legislation to reimburse volunteer drivers. 
In addition to research on policy issues, the council offers insights on running a nonprofit organization, the importance of advocating for your organization, and information about the importance of the nonprofit sector in America.
To learn more, please visit their website at 
Upcoming Events:
SDNN Marketing & Communications roundtable – November 15 via Zoom ½ 12:00 PM (Central Time) 
SDNN Nonprofit Leadership roundtable – November 16 via Zoom ½ 12:00 PM (Central Time)  *Please note that this is a week earlier than normal, because of the Thanksgiving holiday.
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